Aeronautics Use Case

Aeronautics Use Case

The Aeronautics use case is focused on the assembly process of the two parts for the Airbus A320Neo fan cowls. There are three operations involved:

  • drilling of holes on the two parts of the fan cowl, for the assembly components,
  • transport of the fan cowls between different workstations,
  • inspection of the parts.

For the successful execution of the drilling operation, one of the two LBR iiwa arms is equipped with an easily programmable drilling system. In order to program a drilling operation, an operator moves his arm to teach the robot where the drilling should be done. Once programmed, the robot arm can carry out drilling operations automatically.

For the second operation, the LBR iiwa picks up safely a fan cowl on the transportation cart with its docking mechanism. The docking mechanism is equipped with human avoidance systems like magnetic grips for a safety docking between robot and cart or a safety strip that stops the robot when it detects a collision with another object in the layout.

During the third operation, the second LBR iiwa arm is equipped with a visual inspection system. This system is used for different purposes such as detection of presence/ absence of components, checking the right assembly of components, detection of defects, etc.

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